Concordant bodies are those organizations that are affiliated with Freemasonry. Many concordant bodies require membership in a Blue Lodge prior to joining.


The Scottish Rite is a concordant body of Masonry, meaning that it is not part of the Craft Lodge per se, but closely associated with Masonry.  It requires that a man be a Master Mason before joining the Scottish Rite.  The Scottish Rite confers the 4th through 32nd degrees. The degree work may be, but is not necessarily, completed at one time. Any Master Mason is eligible to join the Scottish Rite. The degrees of the Scottish Rite continue the symbolism of the first three Masonic degrees. 

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The York Rite, like the Scottish Rite, is a concordant body of Masonry, and confers degrees beyond the Craft Lodge's three degrees. It consists of nine additional degrees: Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master, and Royal Arch Mason; the Cryptic Degrees of the Royal Master, Select Master, and Super Excellent Master; and the Chivalric Orders of the Order of the Red Cross, Order of the Knights of Malta and the Order of Knights Templar.  As with most things Masonic, discuss any concerns with your local York Rite, who can advise you regarding your eligibility. 

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The Shrine was founded in 1872 and an Arabic theme was chosen. Hence, the distinctive red fez that Shriners wear at official functions. Members of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles the Mystic Shrine for North America (AAONMS is an anagram for "A MASON") were, up until recently members of the Scottish Rite's 32nd degree, and/or Knights Templer of the York Rite.  Any Master Mason in good standing may petition the Shrine for membership.  The Shrine is most noted for its emphasis on philanthropy and its jolly outlook on life - it has been called "the playground of Masonry".  This is expressed as "Pleasure without intemperance, hospitality without rudeness, and jollity without coarseness."

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The Order of the Eastern Star is an adoptive rite of Freemasonry with teachings based on the Bible and objectives that are charitable and benevolent. The founder of OES was Dr. Robert Morris, a lawyer and educator from Boston, Massachusetts, who was a Master Mason and Past Grand Master of Kentucky. Members must be eighteen years or older and either Master Masons in good standing or properly related to a Master Mason in good standing. 

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The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is a junior organization for girls BETWEEN the ages of 11 and 20, from Masonic, Eastern Star, Amaranth homes, and the friends of members of Rainbow girls. At the age of 20, or upon marriage, which ever occurs first, girls who are members in good standing are eligible for Majority Membership. 

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Job’s Daughters International is a Masonic youth organization for girls between the ages of 10 and 20. JDI has chapters called “Bethels” throughout the world.  Job’s Daughters is a premier organization for young women that teaches the values of leadership, public speaking, charity, respect for parents and elders, and teamwork. Members participate in a variety of activities such as: bimonthly meetings, fundraisers, service projects, leadership workshops,theme parties, dances and so much more!  

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The International Order of DeMolay is the world’s largest fraternal organization for young men between the ages of 13 and 21. The Order was founded in Kansas City, Missouri on March 24, 1919 by Frank Sherman Land. DeMolay Chapters are sponsored by Masonic Lodges, and some members of the sponsoring body also serve as Advisors on the Chapter’s Advisory Council. Structurally, it is similar to Masonry.   The Order’s namesake is Jacques DeMolay, who was the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar and who was executed by the Inquisition on March 18, 1314. 

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